Helen LeFrank Scholarship Fund

Helen LeFrank Scholarship Award

Helen LeFrank was General Manager at EBRC from 1999 to 2007.  One of her passions was encouraging youth in our community, in particular, youth entrepreneurship.  EBRC embraces Helen’s enthusiasm for our youth and is dedicated to ensuring that her vision to endorse youth entrepreneurship continues.  Each year the Elgin CFDC – Helen LeFrank Scholarship Fund celebrates an Elgin County or St. Thomas high school student who is pursuing a career in business and/or an entrepreneurial discipline.  The application form and criteria details can be found on the Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation website at https://escf.ca/scholarships/ Deadline for application is May 15th of each year.

Anna Devries, winner of the Helen LeFrank Scholarship, 2023 is an East Elgin Secondary School graduate.

helen lefrank