The Pitch

‘The Pitch’ is an annual business plan event to showcase your Elgin County business or business idea for a chance to win a grand prize package of cash and in-kind prizes to support your venture.  Learn more: Rules & FAQ

Congratulations to Dogs on 3, the official winners of “The Pitch” 2023! Your luxury boarding facility will be second to none! Stay tuned to social media and follow the journey of Dogs On 3! Opening this spring
Tanya and Mike Buttinger of Dogs on 3!

Past winners are:
2015   Sarah Foshay, Smart Dental Hygiene
2016   Ryan and Krista Harris, Century Chocolates
2017   Jane and Chuck Magri, Wildflowers Tea
2018   Doris and Gabriel Chordekar, Shebaz’s Shawarma
2019   Maria Fiallos Castillo, Streamliners Espresso Bar
(& Jade Rogers of Timbrook Elgin on winning the County of Elgin cash prize)
2022  Markus Hawco, The Ice Box    
2023 Tanya Buttinger, Dogs on 3

A post-event recording of ‘The Pitch’: January 25th 2023, ”  is now available c/o Establish Media (our streaming host). Watch now by clicking HERE.