Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

Leave Your Comfort Zone

“Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable” is commonly attributed to author, Peter McWilliams, however, the U.S. Navy Seals reportedly also have this as a saying. While there are many instances this quote can be applied to in life, one of the major life journeys this relates to is entrepreneurship. Why?

Entrepreneurs are commonly autonomous characters with high personal drive and initiative…and many of those brave souls often do it without much assistance.

So, there is no doubt that when an entrepreneur sails into unchartered waters without the benefit of a professional’s perspective nor a method of reflection, that they may feel the isolation of being in it alone. This is unfortunately the experience for so many entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be!

Despite the support and applause from family and friends, there are many moments of uncertainty and discomfort as an entrepreneur. This is where an appropriate counterbalance must take place.

The benefits of working with a business advisor can often be the difference between success and failure.

The stats tell the story: “…half of all non-mentored small businesses fail within their first five years, and 70% fail by the ten-year mark. Business owners who work with an advisor? – the statistics completely reverse: 70% make it.”– Small Business Administration

Reasons for failing often include:
☑️the money ran out
☑️not defining the appropriate target market
☑️lack of research
☑️wrong partnership
☑️poor marketing
☑️realizing they weren’t the expert

Business Advisors ask difficult questions; perhaps questions that are not in one’s comfort zone. “Let’s get comfortable with getting uncomfortable”.

Advisors help you to learn from others’ mistakes. Of course, making mistakes is part of the entrepreneurial process, but what if you could knowingly avoid those already made by others? An experienced advisor knows where the common mistakes lie and can help you navigate around them.

Often entrepreneurs have tunnel vision. They may be enthusiastic and creative, designing their logo, the store front, or the menu, but cannot discipline themselves or see the value in writing out a well thought out business plan with financial projections. A business advisor can help evaluate a realistic timeframe of when you can expect to pay yourself-that’s an important one! Your business advisor isn’t there to pop your balloon, they are there to provide a seasoned point of view and mention things that would otherwise have never come to light…until it does, down the road.

You as the entrepreneur are the decision-maker and driving force of your business. So, when you supplement your abilities with the insight, perspective, and experience of a good business advisor, you’ll exponentially increase your chances of success, reduce your risk, and your stress. Doesn’t that sound more comfortable?

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