Business Loans

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Do you need funding to help launch your new business or purchase an existing business? Looking to expand your existing business? Or maybe you need help to purchase a new piece of equipment for your business?

We're here to help

Kevin Jackson and Sarah Foshay, leadership at Elgin Business Resource Centre in St. Thomas Ontario
Tara McCaulley, Business and Loans Adviser at Elgin Business Resource Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario
The EBRC promotes all levels of sustainable business with business loans, from new start-ups to large established businesses. Since inception, the EBRC has granted hundreds of loans to local businesses totaling over $36M. We can help your business when banks and other traditional lending institutions are not available to you or can’t meet your needs.
Our start-up loans are available to new businesses with an interest rate as low as 2% over prime. Other loans are available for business needs such as equipment purchases, expansions and successions at competitive interest rates, from 2% over prime to 9.5%. We consider all varied aspects of each application, including terms that work for you. In addition to flexible lending, our skilled business advisors assist you through every step of the loans process.

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