Business Advising

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Meet with us

Meet with one or more of our business advisors in a confidential, one-on-one coaching session. We can accommodate meetings in-person at our location or a location near you. We also offer meetings online (Zoom or Teams) for your convenience.
Kevin Jackson and Sarah Foshay, leadership at Elgin Business Resource Centre in St. Thomas Ontario

We're here to answer your Common Questions

How Do I...
put together a business plan?
register my business?
promote my business?
form a partnership or incorporation?
Elgin Business Resource Centre presenting The Pitch 2023 award winning cheque to Dogs on 3.
The entrepreneurs business card rack at Elgin Business Resource Centre in St. Thomas Ontario
What do I do about...
lack of customers / dealing with competitors?
cash flow problems / credit management?
inventory management?
understanding financial statements?
growing my business?
sourcing funds for my business?
selling my business?

The EBRC offers one-on-one business coaching, specialized workshops and a self-employment training program to help you.

Our staff are welcoming and eager to connect you with the business advisor best suited to your needs. Our business advisors are knowledgeable, experienced and connected within the business network in Elgin County. We can help answer your “how do I” questions and guide you through those “what do I do about” situations. We can connect you with other not-for-profit agencies, government offices, private organizations, professionals and business owners who support entrepreneurs in all stages of business development. Best of all, our services are free of charge.
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EBRC's three business counsellors are certified GrowthWheel® advisors.

Business advisors are able to help you make decisions and take action. GrowthWheel® is a toolbox for Decision-making in startup and growth companies. It helps entrepreneurs Get Focus, Set Agenda, Make Decisions, and Take Action.

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