Let Us Recognize You!

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The word Spring often refers to new beginnings; and certainly, the expression ‘Spring is in the air’ insinuates that something exciting or significant is about to happen. It’s true, Springtime gives an infusion of energy to purge, reorganize, and reevaluate purpose and perspective. It is a fantastic time to establish new goals and to celebrate achievements. Indeed, there is so much to celebrate.

Here are two distinct opportunities for youth or businesses in our community (St. Thomas & Elgin County) organized by the Elgin Business Resource Centre (EBRC).

These annual awards highlight eight individuals or businesses and are included as part of the local Business Awards portion at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each June. This is the perfect opportunity to self-nominate or recommend to someone you know to acknowledge their value and achievements.

Healthy Workplace Awards

The Healthy Workplace Awards recognize the commitment of local businesses, large and small, to make employee health an essential part of their organizations’ culture.

Born from the “Health at Work 4 All” program originally initiated by the former Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, the Awards were a joint venture between the Health Unit and the Elgin Business Resource Centre (EBRC) until 2017. Since that time, EBRC has carried on the tradition.

Each year, local businesses (employees or employers) are encouraged to submit their applications for consideration.  The application form is in essence a road map to a comprehensive healthy workplace covering four important areas; Health and Safety, Healthy Lifestyles, Workplace Culture, and Being Green and Being Involved. Applications can be obtained online by visiting: https://www.elgincfdc.ca/healthy-workplace-award-nominations. 

Helen LeFrank Scholarship Award

Helen LeFrank was General Manager of the Elgin Business Resource Centre from 1999-2007.  She was known in the community as a champion for youth.  Helen saw the importance of encouraging young people to complete their educations and return to their communities to contribute to local business development.

To honour Helen and continue her commitment to youth entrepreneurship, the Helen LeFrank Scholarship Fund was created by EBRC and is facilitated online through the St. Thomas Elgin Community Foundation.  Each year, EBRC awards a scholarship (currently $1000) to a local student graduating students (or mature students under age 29) who is pursuing a career in business or another entrepreneurial discipline.

The last 3 years, the scholarship was awarded to graduating students from East Elgin Secondary School (2023, 2022) and Parkside Collegiate Institute (2021). These students are recognized at the AGM and their respective commencement ceremonies. For more information, visit: https://www.elgincfdc.ca/grant/helen-lefrank-scholarship-fund.

EBRC has often been told by attendees that the Awards portion of the AGM is a special highlight. Our staff, Board of Directors, and community partners look forward to the well attended event. It’s an important reminder that celebrations holistically serve to validate the accomplishments of individuals and groups. It brings a sense of belonging and community spirit. Such a reason to celebrate! We hope to see you at the AGM on June 25, 2024.